PVRT Project

PBS For Adults


We are a collection of artists who participate in social activism through mediums of dance, choreography, and performance art. Coming from various backgrounds, our works share common themes that include but are not limited to: women's and LGBTQIA rights, Critique of Social and heterosexual cisgendered norms, as well as immigration and movement in the literal and figurative sense. 

Our works critique the inability of society to accept the facts that gender is fluid, sexuality is vast and not fixed, our cultural backgrounds are something to be proud of and not to be fetishized, and social constructs are exactly that- constructs. Through our pieces, we hope to incite questioning, thinking, and re-thinking in our audiences, and instill knowledge that leads to a new thought process. We hope that the questioning that comes from experiencing our works will lead to sociopolitical activism and a better understanding of (wo)mankind. 


Artwork by Anatoly Chernishov